Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ten on ten

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October 10th was a Monday. And boy, what a Mondayish Monday it was.
I usually get ready before everyone else is even awake in the morning on weekdays. In an effort to avoid blinding Jon (not that our cave-like room even has those capabilities) I typically only get ready with the closet light on. My makeup vanity is right across from the closet so it does the trick. Plus, I get to use the excuse that I got ready in the dark if I ever look a fool (which is often).
I try to get into work no later than 7:15. It's about a 35-40 minute drive from home so I am usually out the door by 6:40 at the latest (on a good day). Current soundtrack: throwback Valencia. I actually got in earlier than normal yesterday because...
...Elden gave us practice for having a newborn on Sunday night so I was up bright and early thanks to that! I don't pass a Starbucks on my way into work but my boss does and occasionally goes, so I texted him an SOS. And...
He delivered! (Riveting, I know - it's like an old school Snapchat story or something). All the praise hand emojis. All the pumpkin spice. All the caffeine. #badpreggo
The 10th also marked the 36th (!!) week of my pregnancy. I am definitely starting to feel the physical pain of being this pregnant....
For dinner I made a greek pasta dish. I sauteed garlic in olive oil, added spinach, diced tomatoes and artichoke hearts, a little vegetable stock, bow tie pasta, feta and pine nuts. It was so good and easy to make!
When I got home from work we had to run out. Both kids were having rough days (gee, think it could be due to the abysmal sleep from the night prior!?) and Elden was NOT HAPPY I was taking his picture.
Jon had a guitar he was selling on Craiglist and the potential buyer wanted to meet near his parents' house so we stopped by for a little visit. The kids were very happy about this development. 
This is the spread at my in-laws.' I was very happy about this development. ;)
After we got the kids down for the night, I had to run to Costco. I also decided to stop by Ulta because I had a free eye shadow coupon for my birthday to cash in! (Oh yeah... I turned 28 this weekend!) Once I got home and put the groceries away I did a little cleaning, packed my lunch for the next day, and worked for my part time job. I took a shower and was in bed before 10, hoping for a better night...

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