Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween! Today Elden had a preschool party and costume parade. I was able to work from home in the morning so I could go to both and he was all grins when we walked into his class. Edith had a bit of a meltdown - she kept saying she could go to school because she is big now - but Elden's teacher was great and let her sit on the carpet during their songs and next to him at the parade. Tonight we are going to have tacos before we go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with my sister, parents, and possibly Jon's parents. The kids are VERY excited and are having a hard time understanding that our town has a set time that it begins and we can't just start knocking on people's doors now.
This past weekend was a good one. It was really low key which was much needed after all the running around we've done this month. On Friday night we went to a local "haunted yard" at the urging of Elden. The family had a huge amount of Halloween decorations in their front and back yard and a path that let you follow it the whole way through. Edith thought it was great and insisted on going through twice. Elden got the crap scared out of him by a motion-activated monster and was pretty much done within the first 2 minutes as a result.
On Saturday Elden needed his flu shot in the morning. His pediatrician is near the mall we used to live by so I texted our small group to see if anyone wanted to meet up for lunch / to play in the play area. We were able to meet up with two families and the kids played before it was time to head home for naps. After nap time we went back to the haunted yard to show Elden that it was all pretend and much less scary in the daylight. The ghoul (along with all the lights) were obviously not turned on since it was daytime and Elden suddenly thought it was the greatest thing ever. There was, however, a random phone that rang in the back while Edith was near it... which scared the crap out of her. #winsomelosesome

Following the haunted yard we headed to Jon's parents for dinner. After dinner Jon ran some errands while I got a much coveted pedicure. I have not gotten my nails done since our wedding despite wanting to get a pedicure at the end of each of my pregnancies. I mentioned to Jon that I really wanted to get one since this is theoretically my last pregnancy and he was so sweet and all for it! It was totally worth it and I think from now on I am going to buy nail salon gift certificates for my friends as their baby shower gifts because moms deserve pampering, too!

On Sunday we had church. After church I bought this tea which can supposedly put you into labor. I drank two cups yesterday and one so far today and... nada. I know the baby will come when it's ready, but what if it's NEVER ready and I am pregnant forever? I digress. After the kids took naps my mom came over for a bit and Jon's brother and his wife stopped by to bring the kids Halloween presents. They were so happy! Elden got his first slinky, which he affectionately refers to as a 'springy spring' and Edith specifically requested we pray for Uncle Marc and Aunt Kelly at bedtime that night.

My OB goes out of town this Saturday, so I am hoping this baby decides to come before then. Otherwise, I hope it doesn't come until the 10th (when he is back)... but preferably before Saturday ;)

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