Thursday, November 3, 2016

DIY advent calendar

One of my fondest memories of childhood Christmastime was our chocolate advent calendars. My mom would buy ones like these and every morning I felt like I was getting away with murder because I could eat a piece of chocolate before breakfast. I really wanted to start that tradition with our kids this year since Elden is definitely able to understand things like time now.

Initially, I planned on buying the chocolate calendar off the shelf. But then I realized $7/each times 3 kids is a bit pricey since we are on a tight budget. I began to search Pinterest for some homemade solutions and found one I loved:
I love this idea because I can just put enough little treats in each bag for each kid and if I plan well enough in advance - such as buying cheap stocking stuffers through Oriental Trading when I get the party supplies for the kids' birthdays or candy when it's on clearance - I can do this for far less than $21+ each year.

I sought out the help of my mom because she has a Cricut and I figured adhesive vinyl would be easier than trying to find the exact sequence of sticky felt numbers I needed (trust me - I searched Amazon and came up empty handed). She happily printed out some black vinyl numbers for me which I simply cut out and ironed onto some muslin favor bags. I am so happy with the finished product:

I bought little clothespins to hang them with and I am going to hang some twine on our mantel to clip them to. I haven't decided yet what exactly I'll be putting in the bags but I'm thinking of grabbing some discounted Halloween candy for some of them. In total this project took me about 15 minutes to iron the numbers on and my total cost (I got some supplies from Michael's with coupons) was about $12. Not too shabby! Once we setup for Christmas I will make sure to show the finished project in its proper home.

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