Monday, November 28, 2016

etta (2 weeks old)

Etta turned 2 weeks old on Saturday. We attempted to move her into her room that night and it just did not go well. She ultimately ended up in bed with us - something we rarely did we the other kids mostly because it just didn't work and they didn't sleep there, either - and she was surprisingly content. Etta has not been napping or sleeping well at night, but she also doesn't cry all day like Elden did so I hesitate to call it colic just yet. We have started trying to implement a bit of a schedule for her, a nod to our Moms on Call experience, to see if that makes a difference. We don't have any set times but basically we try to stick to a nurse for up to 30 minutes, stay awake / "play" for about 30 minutes, nap for 2 hours cycle. Then at night we do a short nap and bath before bedtime. So far today it has been okay but the naps are a battle. We have tried doing naps in her room to help her get used to the crib so we will see how tonight goes. Etta did ultimately spend all of last night in her room but was waking up every 2 or so hours to nurse and was generally fussy between, so it wasn't a fantastic night. We have also begun tummy time and she seems mostly indifferent to it but is already working on picking up her head and moving it side to side. Elden and Edith are still totally obsessed with her and are constantly asking to kiss her, what she's doing, etc. I'm so glad they love her so much and now all we have to do is keep their germs away from her...

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