Sunday, November 13, 2016

etta's birth story

So on Thursday night I had regular contractions 6 minutes apart from about 3-7 am. They were definitely uncomfortable and I was not having a good time but I still wasn't convinced it was the real deal so I didn't call my mom. I was so afraid of having her come over in the middle of the night for a false alarm and I was relieved that they stopped at 7 in the sense that I gauged correctly.

On Friday afternoon, I had a cervical check with my OB in anticipation of my scheduled induction for midnight Sunday night. I had progressed (finally!) from a fingertip dilated/20-30% effaced to 1 cm and 50% effaced. The NP was able to strip my membranes and told me she would choose to be optimistic that I would not make it to my scheduled induction.

On Friday night, I started having some monster contractions at 11 pm, but they were an hour apart until about 2 am. Then they switched to 14 minutes apart so I got out of bed and tried to walk to see if they would get closer together. I walked circles in our living room but there were no changes so I got back in bed.

They eventually switched to every 10 minutes around 3 am. This continued until around 4:30 am when I had four in a row that went 9-8-7-6 minutes.

I may have panicked. They were really starting to hurt and my mom would take around half an hour to get to our house. The hospital was another 40 minutes away. I hesitated but decided to call her around 5:20 after another big contraction. My OB initially told me to call when they had been 5 minutes apart for an hour, but given how quickly they were speeding up and how much they hurt I was afraid to chance it. I hopped in the shower and they seemed to slow down so I sat on our bed and cried while Jon shaved. Because these are the rational things people do when one of them is in labor. I just felt really stupid - like I dragged my mom out of bed at the butt crack of dawn for another false alarm.

She got there around 6 am and while Jon loaded the car I debated waking the kids to say goodbye. We ultimately decided to and gave them their new baby gifts (a doll car seat for Edith and a Transformer for Elden) before saying goodbye and leaving around 6:40.

I was still questioning my decision to go in - I was convinced they'd monitor me for half an hour before sending me home. But then I realized the contractions were coming every 3.5 minutes and that maybe this was the real deal because I proceeded to yell at Jon for reminding me to breathe during a particularly brutal one. Suffice to say, neither one of us enjoyed that car ride.

We parked the car right as I had a contraction and I was able to walk from the garage to triage before the next one came. Once I was hooked up to the monitors around 7:45, a med student checked me and said she thought I was around 2 cm. I was less than thrilled but still happy to have made any progress. Then the resident checked me.

I was actually 4-4.5 cm. He called my doctor who told him to admit me. I was transferred to a delivery room somewhere around 9 am. I promptly was like "one extra large epidural, please" to which the CRNA hooked a sister up. Unfortunately for me, similar to Edith, it only really worked on my right side. Bless his heart, the CRNA pumped me with a few other drugs to try to close the gap on the left but it was minimally effective. Around 9:30 they broke my water and I was still at a 4/4.5. I started to feel a lot of pressure by 10 and thought it was crazy but asked them to check me. I was at 8 cm so they called my doctor.
right after finding out i was 8 cm
By 10:30 he had arrived and I was pushing. After 3 contractions Etta was out and angry about it.
I only tore enough for 1 stitch which was a major blessing because I was sure she'd be at least 9 pounds! We did skin to skin and then I nursed her for a bit before bringing the kids back to meet her. Etta wasn't very cooperative which really upset Edith because she wanted to hold her. Elden was as happy as a clam.
If Etta had a Myspace page she would list breastfeeding and sleeping under her interests and being cold under her dislikes. We should get released today (if our pediatrician gives his blessing) and can't wait to get home!

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  1. Hooray!! Love the pic of the three kids - Elden and Edith are so doting and proud! Congrats to you and Jon!!