Friday, November 4, 2016

five on friday

{1} This DIY advent calendar I made this week has me really excited for the holidays. I took down the majority of the Halloween decor already spare the few projects we picked up at Michaels for 80% off that the kids just painted yesterday.

{2} Halloween candy. We have a ton. We live in the same neighborhood as one of the Malley's families and they give out candy bars this size every Halloween. Snickers fun size for scale purposes. If you ever have a chance to try Malley's hot fudge DO NOT PASS IT UP. I can and do eat it by itself.

{3} Cozy fall nights. Last night we had a fire going in our fireplace, hot chocolate, and homemade apple pie courtesy of Jon. We also watched The Grinch. Elden loved it and keeps talking about "The Grump"--too funny.

{4} Homemade crab apple jam. We have tons of crab apple trees in our neighborhood. There was one tree that Jon ate a crab apple from and said it was delicious. Since it was on someone's tree lawn he hunted them down and asked if it would be okay if he took some of their crab apples. The woman looked at him like he was crazy (because: crab apple) and said "sure! The deer and geese are the only things that eat them." He went out with his ladder the next day and came home with a bag of crab apples. He just turned it into crab apple jam this week. I love these little jars!

{5} Working from home. As it turns out, when you are 3 days away from your due date, live 40 minutes from work and the hospital you intend on delivering at is an hour from work, you make your coworkers very nervous. Someone at work had a medical emergency a week or two ago so there was an ambulance in front of my building. I was informed that no less than 4 of my coworkers who work in other buildings on campus reached out to the only other woman I work with in my department to find out if it was for me. As such, one of my bosses gave me her blessing to finish out my time before BT comes working from home. It has been absolutely wonderful and I actually feel more productive at home than I did there.

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  1. That pretzel bar sounds delicious! I'm not a huge chocolate fan but every once and awhile I crave a little piece, I could probably make that one last until next Halloween!

  2. Happy Friday! That pretzel crunch bar sounds delicious! That's great your job gave you the option to work from home. Hope you are feeling well and best of luck with your last few days before your little gets here. Have a nice weekend :) Beautifully Candid

  3. Love the advent calendar! So cute and will be so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful week!