Tuesday, November 15, 2016


We were discharged yesterday at 3 pm. They had turned the lights off in the morning and 6 hours later Etta's bili number had only increased a little. They said we could go if we returned to the pediatrician today for another test. We basically sprinted to get ready and go. I nursed Etta and we changed a poopy diaper. I think this was one of the hospital stay highlights because right when Jon got her dressed we heard her poop again. While the new diaper was off Etta had one of the most explosive poops EVER - it shot out of her like a cannon and onto the clear bassinet wall. She then continued to poop for the next 5 minutes while Jon tried in vain (with wipe after wipe) to catch the poop as it made its triumphant exit. I was in stitches and at the time Jon did not see the humor in it - in his words, "you wouldn't be laughing if you were on this end" - but the way he kept saying "oh my goodness" over and over as a grown man's quantity worth of poop exited an exceptionally tiny person was so stinking (literal; #sorrynotsorry) comical.

I digress. We went to her appointment today and unfortunately her bili number is now higher than it's been - 10.9 - so we go back tomorrow for a retest. If it spiked further then we likely have a hospital stay in our near future. We are praying for a miracle but preparing for the worst.

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  1. Hoping for the best!! Both of my boys had high bili levels and were constantly getting checked. What seemed to help was nursing constantly. People also recommend sunlight.