Tuesday, November 22, 2016


We are finally starting to find a rhythm in our home life as a family of 5. Last night Etta gave us a 4 and 3.5 hour stretch of sleep so I awoke feeling like a whole new woman. Here's a glimpse into what our days have looked like since bringing Etta home:
We had our first snowfall of the season the other day and the kids were beyond excited. Jon took one for the team and took them out while I stayed in with Etta. It took about 15 minutes to get them all bundled; Edith kept saying she was warm and sweaty and generally freaking out and Jon kept repeating, "this is an ordeal" (it was). They stayed out for a good 45-60 minutes, though, and said they can't wait for it to keep snowing.

I heard an "ah haaaa!" while we were decorating for Christmas and discovered Edith had put baby Jesus on a tree. 
Since our days are largely unpredictable Jon decided we should just go ahead and decorate for Christmas as Etta allowed it. We managed to set up the tree with lights while all 3 kids were napping. We normally listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate and make a big to do about it, but life with a newborn doesn't always lend to picture-perfect traditions. Besides, the kids didn't care since it meant Christmas had arrived in our house.
Elden colored this picture of a cat and some mice. I had no idea he knew how to draw either of those things. 
Eat, sleep, cry, poop, repeat.
It's all Etta all the time. The kids are constantly asking to hold her or kiss her or touch her. We have to tell them to give her space no less than 3 times per day.

I am so glad we are all at home and the kids are generally adjusting well to having to share our attention. I can't wait to see how their friendships grow as they get older.

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  1. "An Ordeal" really is the best description of getting kids dressed to go out in the snow! Glad they stayed outdoors for awhile, the worst is when you go through the process get outside for 10 minutes and then someone declares they need to pee or are cold and want to go back inside.