Thursday, November 10, 2016

still nada

Still no sign of baby. I had ~10 contractions last night that went from half an hour apart to 4 minutes apart but they fizzled out after about an hour and I haven't had any since. The good news is my doctor is back so at this point he will be delivering this baby!
just kidding! they stopped.
I am just trying to soak up these last less chaotic moments with Elden and Edith. I dropped Elden off at preschool today and Edith and I went to Target for a cake pop date and to get Jon a birthday card. He turns 29 tomorrow and is hoping to share a birthday with this baby! I'm hoping to watch The Polar Express with Elden this weekend because my sister is taking him on the local scenic train's version of the Polar Express next week and he has no context for it. And by this time next week, this baby will officially be out of me no matter what...

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