Friday, November 11, 2016

to my better half

terrible quality, but the most recent photo I have of you.

Dear Jon,

Today you are 29 years old - I'm writing that since neither one of us seems to be able to remember our ages. You continue to be the best dad I've ever encountered and I count my lucky stars every day that it's our babies that get to experience that. Your love and patience for them is endless and I can only hope I'm even half the parent you are.

You are also an incredible husband and friend to me. You know how to level me out and bring me back to reality when I start to slip away into my anxious thoughts. You encourage me and continue to choose to love me every day, even when I make that particularly difficult. You also know how to make me laugh like no one else does.

You have an amazing heart. Your passion for life runs deep and you have a knack for finding the good things in life even when everything is falling apart. Your spirit is a testament to the faithfulness and goodness of God and blesses those around you.

I hope your 29th year is your best yet. I love you beyond words.


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