Tuesday, November 29, 2016

toys our kids actually play with (2 to 4 year old gift ideas)

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'd like to think I'm pretty awesome at figuring out which gifts to get our kids that will get a lot of use. Granted, some of these we stumbled upon by happenstance--Jon's parents kept his old toys and many of Elden's favorites stem from this collection--but these have been consistent hits in our house nonetheless.

{1} Plastic animals: Safari Ltd. has a huge selection of realistic looking plastic animals ranging from pocket-sized to large. We got Elden this large hippo and this large cheetah for his birthday and he still regularly plays with them, along with some of the animals from Jon's childhood. These have been a hit for about a year now. Edith has also taken an interest in them.

{2} Wooden cutting food: We bought this when Elden was about 1.5 or 2 because the toddler room at our church had a cutting food set and he loved it. Edith is now the most obsessed with it but Elden also still gets use out it. There are also other cute versions of this set now - a wooden cookie slice set, fruit set, and pizza set, to name a few. Another big time favorite is these wooden eggs that can be cut.

{3} Play kitchen: What good is a bunch of kitchen food if there's no kitchen to cook it in? This was another toy we purchased pre-Edith that both kids still regularly play with. We opted for a higher quality wooden play kitchen over a cheaper plastic one with the hope of holding onto it for all our kids and maybe eventually grandkids. So far our Kidkraft kitchen has not disappointed. The kids play with this generally at least once per day and haven't seemed to grow tired of it.

{4} Grocery cart: Edith is super into baby dolls and all the accessories, and she often places her babies in a grocery cart I had purchased at a yard sale for $5 way back in the day. Elden has also been known to take this for a spin around the house and we have definitely gotten our $5 worth.

seriously though, edith is a junkie
{5} Baby dolls: This isn't a surprise for a totally doll-crazy girl, but essentially any and all babies (seriously, we have at least 7 and they all have different names - Baby Mommy, Baby Big Eyes, Squishy Baby, Jessica, Baby Boy, Other Baby, Baby Tattoo Butt...I am not exaggerating as these are truly the names they have somehow obtained and Edith knows each one by said name) are a win for her. Maybe don't waste your money on any extra baby clothes because if your 2-year-old is anything like ours, your babies will be naked and if you try to get them dressed she will not appreciate that. On second thought - unless you are the parent and know the current doll status in your house, maybe don't go this route lest your gift recipient be at baby doll capacity.

{6} Transformers: This is a fairly recent interest of Elden's, but boy has it captivated him. There are Transformers blind bags ranging all the way up to very large and complicated Transformers and he loves them all. At his age, though, I recommend the 1-step Transformers because they are far less frustrating for preschool aged kiddos to transform on their own.

So what are your go-to gifts for toddlers and preschoolers? I'm always looking for new ideas!

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  1. I second the play kitchen, play food, and shopping cart. My kids play with them every day. We also have a rug that has streets and houses on it, which W loves - he designs a new neighborhood on his rug everyday. Magnatiles are also a big hit in our house.