Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I'm still pregnant. I'm officially the most pregnant I've ever been.
due date selfie
I went to my doctor yesterday and still show no signs of impending labor. No contractions. Baby isn't really engaged. My cervix is high and closed. No membrane stripping was done because I'm not dilated enough. But I did get to see the baby...
can you see its little face? It's on its side with the forehead at the right, the eye sockets, nose and mouth.
My fluid level was at 4 cm which would have qualified as low fluids before they changed the standards. However, low is considered 2 cm or less now so no due date induction. The baby passed a biometric screening at 100% and was even practicing breathing, which the tech said means it's just very happy in there. The NP asked if we have tried all the labor-inducing things (we have) but reassured me that just because I'm not dilated yet doesn't mean it can't happen quickly. I'm not very hopeful, though. I'm trying to muster up some encouragement. My doctor is gone through tomorrow afternoon and Thursday is our small group Friendsgiving--and I'm not trying to miss turkey or mashed potatoes anyway. I go back for a cervical recheck this Friday and if nothing has changed I have a 41-week induction scheduled for early next week.

Still praying this little one decides to come on its own because I really want to experience that.

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