Monday, November 14, 2016

when life is outside your control

And We had it all figured out: due to the timing of my labor and delivery we would get early release (just like we did with the other two) and be home after dinner Sunday. My OB cleared me and just said the pediatrician had to give his blessing, which we anticipated getting no problem because we lucked out and had Etta when our regular pediatrician was on call.

I think you see where this is going.

Our pediatrician came to see us around 11:30 Sunday morning to inform us that Etta looked great except I am O- and Etta is A+ and had developed ABO Incompatibility jaundice. At 24 hours old she had a bilirubin level of 10.1--normal was considered 5 or less. He wanted to start light therapy to ensure they did not rise as too high bilirubin levels can cause brain injuries. So we bought ourselves another night in the hospital for 24 hours of light therapy. After 7 hours with both a top light and a bili boat her level went down to 8.1. Her pediatrician let us take away the bili boat for the rest of the night around 9 pm with the order of retesting her levels before 6 am Monday. It's been really rough - we have to keep her under the therapeutic light with the exception of when she is nursing. This means when she cries we can't pick her up and she can't be swaddled so she was cold and dealing with the newborn startle reflex with no help from us. She cried basically the entire first two hours so Jon stood by her bedside with his index finger serving as a pacifier. Then we asked our nurse if we could drape blankets over the light to make it a bit warmer for her and that made things significantly better.

We hope to be released today, but there is a chance I will be discharged and Etta will remain as inpatient. We are really hoping not because the kids were so sad I wasn't able to come home as planned on Sunday night (so were we). We will hopefully know by mid-morning what the plan is....

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  1. Praying Etta gets a clean bill of health soon and you can both be released!