Monday, December 19, 2016

an open letter to our (borrowed) rock 'n play

Dear RnP,

You are the greatest (material) thing to happen to us in 2016, and quite possibly our lives. That's not just because our family collectively grimaced when we discovered who our next president was going to be which really put a damper on the year as a whole, but because you are a gift from God Himself (and also from our precious friend, Amber, who is letting us borrow hers). You see, the past five weeks have not been kind to us in the sleep department. Our littlest family member has taken after her father and protests all things sleep ("if I didn't have to sleep to survive, I would never do it." - my husband, whom I do not understand at all on this aspect of life) and we have been lucky to get a one-hour stretch at a time at night. LUCKY. What has happened to us?

{source} she's smiling and dewy because her child just slept more than he has in his young life.

But then you came into our lives, Rock 'n Play, like a majestic stallion bearing a multitude of canteens in the desert. My symbolism game is weak as I am sleep deprived. But not as much today! Because last night you gave us an average of two to two and a half stretches of sleep and I'm not exactly sure when that became something to be celebrated BUT IT IS. So today, we celebrate you, Rock 'n Play. We celebrate you for your magical sleepy dust and for helping us to reclaim the night and I hope you do not disappoint us and make this proclamation short-lived because we will not survive.

We love you, always and forever. Don't let us down.
Danielle and Jon

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