Monday, December 5, 2016

christmas card pics 2016

Originally we planned on taking the kids to meet Santa and hopefully use that photo for our cards. However, once they were dressed up and so darn cute I decided to take a few photos myself before we left. Jon also figured at least one of our children would probably be afraid of Santa so a Plan B didn't sound terrible.

Spoiler alert: neither of our big kids would go near Santa. But the good news is I got these photos before we went to the mall:
Elden is wearing hand-me-downs from someone at church, Edith is wearing a frock from my childhood and Etta is wearing the same outfit Elden wore in his first Christmas card photo. I'm still trying to figure out where to get the card from because we want it to be front/back (and use the back as a birth announcement, similar to what we did with Edith) but the only places I've found where that's an option are pretty expensive. I hope to commit to a purchase within the next day or two and then I will share the final result.

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