Friday, December 23, 2016

five on friday

{1} Back to business. We all survived (some fared better than others) my first official day of work after maternity leave. The good news is I'm now off through the first of the year since my company shuts down for the holidays. The big kids were easily the most devastated by my return to work. I cried half the drive. But to be honest, the calm and quiet of work was a welcome experience.

Christmas Eve 2015. I can't get over how much they've grown!
{2} Christmas. We have a busy 3 days planned. Every year on Christmas Eve we celebrate with Jon's dad's side of the family. Christmas morning is reserved for us as a family unit but then we are going to drive a few hours to visit with Jon's mom's side in the afternoon. The day after Christmas we are celebrating with my family at our house. I am cooking a turkey--something I have never done. There is about a 30% chance we will end up needing to order pizzas. If you have turkey tips - please share. I may attempt to brine it using this recipe.

{3} A break. Today is a good day. My mom and dad are taking the big kids to decorate cookies and see a light display this evening. We were also able to find a dear, amazingly sweet and kind friend to take Etta out of the house for a few hours to give us a break to wrap presents and just spend some quality time together. I plan on putting Love Actually on while wrapping because Jon has never seen it.

{4} Christmas books. A month or so ago I ordered this and this Llama, Llama book for our little enthusiasts. They both love them! We have read them several times since I pulled them out this month.

{5} Purging. Perhaps it's the fact that we have been cooped up for a month and a half. Perhaps it's the knowledge that we are about to bring a bunch of new items into the house. No matter the reason, Jon and I have been actively going through our closet and dresser and purging items like crazy. We have a strong desire to declutter our lives and live more intentionally and we are on a roll. Our closet has become a huge focus because it was filled to the brim with miscellaneous items, especially all of our linens, and is really impractical in its current state. We hope to add a linen closet in the spot next to the kids' bathroom where the cat food is shown above sometime in 2017 to bring some order to our lives and force us to really slim down our accumulation of towels, sheets, etc.

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  1. Glad you may it through your first day back at work and you can enjoy the holidays with your family! I've never roasted a turkey either, but I'm sure yours will be a success! Good luck and Merry Christmas!