Saturday, December 3, 2016

healthy baby home party

I was recently selected to host a Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party to share samples and tips with my friends with a focus on creating a healthy home for any children that may be in the house. That being said, I decided to invite friends who didn't have kids as well because Seventh Generation offers a ton of products for the home that don't necessarily apply to childcare. The products I most regularly purchase are: dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, disinfecting spray and baby wipes. We also recently started using their baby shampoo and diaper cream for Etta and we really like them and will purchase again.

Since Etta was less than 3 weeks old when I held the party I totally went the easy route and purchased all snacks:
As part of their Come Clean campaign, we watched a video about the chemicals in our environment--especially those brought into the home via cleaning products. Afterwards, we played a game of Bingo that involved tips on creating a healthier home environment. The winners of Bingo were able to choose from the following prizes:
Attendees also left with coupons and samples of their baby wipes, laundry detergent and coconut lotion, as well as informational handouts.
When the educational part of the party was over we just spent time laughing and talking about our families, kids, etc. They got to meet Etta before we had to wrap up so I could nurse her and put her to bed for the night. I was so grateful both for the socialization as well as the ability to share about these products. I definitely wouldn't qualify myself as crunchy--we can't afford to eat organic, I am very much pro-vaccination, etc.--but there are a few things (namely the stuff we wear and eat off of every day) that I don't mess around with. As for the baby products, every time we'd try to switch wipes to whatever was on sale we'd be disappointed and would always end up back at Seventh Generation (we've learned our lesson now and only buy those). The new coconut line smells so dreamy and is super gentle on Etta's skin. I don't endorse anything if I don't believe in it and I can genuinely say I have always been happy with Seventh Generation. If we could afford to, we would absolutely always buy their diapers (we generally purchase Luvs or the Aldi brand because of cost savings) - when I received a sample in the mail I was seriously blown away by how soft it was - but unfortunately we just can't fit it in the budget. However, now that I know just how soft they are I will be diligent about looking for coupons and sales so we can try to at least occasionally buy them.

*As a host of this party I received free products to distribute to the attendees. I also won a month's supply of diapers during one of the host preparation chats. All opinions are my own.

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