Sunday, December 18, 2016


// I'm a horrible blogger. In my defense, life hasn't been particularly easy lately. Etta does not sleep. As in, doesn't nap - doesn't sleep at night - etc. We are EXHAUSTED. My priorities when not holding (bouncing) a crying baby are as follows: nap, try not to neglect my marriage or older children, nap.
after a particularly tumultuous night. they look better than we did that's for sure.

// I go back to work in 4 days (Thursday). For anyone keeping track, Etta will not quite be 6 weeks old but it has to do with a company shutdown and getting 100% pay rather than 50% FMLA pay. We are hoping to survive a single day. Then I will be off again until January. We gave Etta her first bottle this weekend and luckily she took it. We also want to try this type (Elden and Edith's bottle of choice) to see if she does better with it. I can also report that I really like my new breast pump - it blows the Medela out of the water!

// Remember when I talked about all the super fun crafts I envisioned doing during my maternity leave? Approximately 0 actually happened. There's always next year!
I did manage to get some baking in, though!

// This maternity leave has been... eventful. First, it was the need for repeated jaundice checks and wondering whether Etta would need to be readmitted for additional bili lights. Then my purse was stolen out of our van in the driveway and I had to go through the process of canceling my credit cards/checks and getting my driver's license replaced. A few days later Jon had Elden at the pediatrician for what turned out to be a sinus infection when Edith hurt her leg. I didn't see it happen (was nursing Etta in the other room) but she refused to walk on it and screamed bloody murder when she tried. I was still in PJs so I scrambled to get the three of us ready for an urgent care trip only to discover (after I had us all in our winter coats and boots, naturally) that Jon had our only set of van keys with him 40 minutes away at the pediatrician. My mom talked me off the ledge and after some ibuprofen, a warm bath, poorly timed text messages from my boss in which he sent me a photo of a stack of folders on my desk (alluding to waiting projects) and a verbal vomit of the current sitch at casa de flip in which he responded "well now I just feel horrible," and Jon's return we discovered that Edith could indeed walk and was playing me like a fiddle. We decided to round things out with the loss of my glasses (WHERE COULD THEY BE!?), me being sick for all but I think 1 week of my leave thus far, and Edith accidentally getting locked solo in Elden's bedroom which nearly resulted in a visit from the friendly fire department. Luckily, Jon is cool as a cucumber, removed some molding on the door frame and was able to break the lock with a screwdriver. Edith promptly received a lesson in unlocking doors and I lost no less than 1 year off my life.

// Elden joined us at dance class this week. Related: Elden wants to start dance class (again). I'm not sure whether I ever blogged about it, but the TLDR; of it is that Elden wanted to take ballet like Caterina Ballerina on Daniel Tiger back when he was about 2. I took him to two or three classes in which he did not participate but insisted on staying just to watch. Things seem different this go-around though because he danced more than Edith did that day. Also related: Edith did not appreciate Elden infringing on her precious mommy time.

// I do not recommend not reading the multitude of blogs you regularly follow for over a week. You will return to your blog feed utterly overwhelmed.

// I hope to catch up on the weekly posts about Etta I am already behind on. Get it together, Danielle!

// We got a new garage door and motor! Ours were original to our house (1980) and in dire need of replacement. We finally had enough in our savings account that we felt comfortable pulling the trigger so they were installed on Friday! Love them already.

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