Thursday, January 19, 2017


I really want to take the kids to Disney one day - just not until they are older and we have the finances to do so. Since our trip would require airfare + hotel + meals + car rental + Disney tickets, odds are we are looking at a good $4000 trip when it comes down to it. Since I want to wait until Etta is at least 4 to go, that gives us four years to save without stressing too much about how we will come up with the money.
some of digit's text commands

I just recently starting using a tool called Digit in an attempt to set money aside. You link up your checking account and digit analyzes your income and spending to pull aside small amounts of money during the month into a separate account. It's free to use, you can withdraw from the account at any time, you can add extra money to the account, etc. It also has an overdraft guarantee and no fees or minimums. Thinking about spending $5 on coffee? Transfer that $5 instead. Since you don't see the account regularly, you won't be tempted to spend anything and it will all add up. The website interface is clean and easy to use, and the transactions are all completed via text message. I'm really excited about having a separate "fun" savings account outside of our regular savings, which I try to relegate to strictly emergency purchases.

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