Tuesday, January 17, 2017

etta (9 weeks old)

I'm not exactly sure what's happened, but Etta's nights have been abysmal. Maybe it's a growth spurt or a mental leap, but we are suffering in a big way. In spite of the shockingly small amount of sleep Etta is getting, she still smiles at me when I nurse her in the morning, so at least there's that redeeming factor. She can now intentionally roll from belly to back. She has been taking about 4.5 ounces per bottle while I'm at work. Etta is also practicing talking and giving her vocal cords a workout. We haven't yet had her 2-month well check (it's this week) so I'm not exactly sure of her stats just yet, but once we finish out the current pack of size 1 diapers it seems to be time to move on to size 2. Etta also wears mostly 3M and 3-6M clothes now.

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