Friday, January 6, 2017

five on friday

{1} Origami photos: a sweet homemade gift from Jon that makes my desk a lot more cheerful.

{2} This swaddle: for giving us several nights of 5+ hour stretches of sleep (!!) in a row. (It truly is a miracle.)

{3} Lost picture: a fun surprise I discovered on my work cell phone of the big kids meeting baby sister for the first time.

{4} This soup: because dieting is a whole lot easier when you find a really simple and delicious recipe to make for your lunches. 

{5} This app: since we lost our Itzbeen somewhere along the way, it has been a life saver for tracking when Etta nurses, gets a diaper change, etc.

{Bonus} This clock: for keeping us sane (and more rested) by changing from yellow to green at a time we specify so our earliest riser doesn't come waltzing into our room at 5:15 in the morning.

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