Friday, January 13, 2017

five on friday

Before I get into this post, I got a lot of positive feedback on my post about Trump from the perspective of a Christian female. I know not everyone agrees with my opinion but I was grateful that all discussions that occurred both here and on my personal Facebook page remained civil and mature. Thank you for your kind words and love towards each other - that is exactly what we need more of.

The cute. The relaxation. The being home with them while it's daylight. Need.
{1} The freaking weekend. Perhaps it's because Etta and Elden have collectively kept us up most of the night all week, or maybe it's the fact that this is my first full week back to work since early November, but this has felt like the week that never ends. Not only am I looking forward to this weekend, but I need this weekend.

{2} Affordable ballet wear for toddlers. Did you know Target has an entire line of toddler ballet shoes, leotards, tights, etc? I didn't want to spend a ton of money on ballet clothes for Edith since (1) she'll outgrow them quickly and (2) only time will tell if she actually likes dance and continues with it. When I found everything I wanted to get her for $20 or less (plus, at the time I purchased, BOGO half off) I was beyond thrilled. In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions of where I can find cheap toddler tap shoes...I would love you forever.
{3} The Nest. We got a smart thermostat for Christmas from my parents and what ended up being a long ordeal involving a messed up breaker, no heat for most of the day, HVAC technician visit mess...we returned it because I had found a Nest on Amazon for cheaper through a third-party seller. Then that seller cancelled the order right away. No big deal--I found one that was still cheaper from a different third-party seller and that was the last I heard. No shipping notification, no contact when emailed, etc. I think that's all finally been resolved and we just decided to pay the Amazon price because of the ridiculous hassle this has all been and I CAN'T WAIT for this sucker to show up and be installed. I will reach a new level of lazy the day I get to program my thermostat on my iPhone from the comfort of my bed. #noregrets

{4} The BK Lounge. Hear me out here: fast food options for vegetarians really suck. Since it had been such a freaking hard week, we decided to forego small group last night because it is half an hour away and we have to rush home to do baths and bedtimes and stick with any semblance of our schedule when we do go. Neither Jon nor I felt much like cooking and we actually wanted to spend time together (Etta's evening nap falls right at dinner so most of the time one of us is downstairs with the big kids eating while the other is trying in vain to get her to nap in her room) so we racked our brains for a viable option. My preference would always be Chick-Fil-A, except the only food there for Jon is basically french fries or a bun with some cheese on it. McDonald's would mean Jon was eating oatmeal for dinner (even their french fries aren't vegetarian!). I realized our local Burger King had an "indoor playground" and cringed. BK is kind of like the house that your hoarder aunt lives in which is grimy, outdated, smells a little weird, and the food is questionable... but they have a veggie burger! Priorities! So we decided to give it a go and BK, I am so sorry I ever doubted you. Sure, your decor is as old as I am and I was only lukewarm on the food for myself, but you really outdid yourself otherwise. Jon said the veggie burger was good enough he'd get it again, there was nary a soul in the play area (and the one we were at was comparably clean to its rich older brother, CFA) and Jon and I got to have a meal together for the first time in about a week. This is a game changer and I love you for it. You may very well be our new ride or die.

{5} New iPhone. My 5S fell victim to Edith over a year ago. I got the screen replaced but the screen I got seemed faulty (letters would type multiple times, the letters I was actually trying to select would select a neighboring letter instead, etc.) and the process of replacing it got dust inside of it so the picture quality went wayyyyy down. I had been putting off getting a new one because money, but Jon's parents gave me some cash for Christmas so I decided to finally bite the bullet. I got the SE because I love the size of the 5S with the processor/camera of the 6. I've had it for about 5 days now and I can't believe I waited this long to replace it.

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  1. I don't know if there are A&W's in the states but around here they have the most delicious veggie burgers! I'm a meat eater and even I opt to order the veggie burger from there on occasion (although their bacon cheese burgers are also delicious)! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. We don't have many but I have seen them before! I will make sure we try it the next time we have an opportunity. Thank you!

  2. We LOVE our nest! Had it for a few years now and no complaints yet. Being able to turn the heat up with my phone so the house is toasty when we get home is amazing.