Monday, January 23, 2017

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I'm currently in survival mode. Between the postpartum depression, the sleep deprivation and the current state of affairs of our government I am doing everything I can to keep my head above water. 

I couldn't participate in the women's march over the weekend, but I was cheering on the multiple women I knew who went to both the main march in D.C. as well as sister marches all over the country. I am gravely concerned about the future of this country and what it will mean for these three:

On a less political note, Etta has been looking more like Jon to me lately:

Edith is as obsessed as ever with her babies:

Elden is working to establish his autonomy which has been hairy at times (but he is still a total sweetheart through and through):

The PPD medications have been helping but I have still had some bad nights, plus some side effects that I'm not crazy about. Jon is still the best stay at home dad in the entire universe. He took Edith to dance class over the weekend (it was daddy/daughter day) and she had a blast with him. Elden is starting to prefer him over me in terms of playing, though Etta is unusually attached to me (unusual in the sense that neither of the older kids preferred me over Jon at her age) and I'm wondering if she trauma bonded to me during her bili light experience (the only time she was out from under the lights in those 24 hours was when I was nursing her). It's so tiring but I know this is a season and I will miss these days when they are older.

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