Thursday, February 23, 2017

elden at 4.5

Elden's half birthday was at the beginning of the month so I figured I'd do a little post to show what life is like with him at 4.5. I've alluded more than once recently that four is full of challenges and I stand by that. Elden often tests his boundaries in his quest for autonomy, but thankfully the boundaries he tests are nothing extreme. However, he has been spending a lot more time in time out recently than he did for a while prior. 

Elden is excelling in preschool. He will be going back to preschool in the fall instead of kindergarten because he misses the birthday cutoff by 3 days (and we also are in no hurry). He talks about three friends in particular and often comes home with drawings for them. Socially speaking, Elden has grown leaps and bounds in preschool and we are so happy with where he's at. He can write his name, recognize letters, and write out most words if you spell them for him (probably with the exception of rarely used letters, such as q, z, etc.).

He is usually either really good to Edith or treats her quite poorly, and often times his behavior towards her can go either way in a flash. Elden is always sweet to Etta (probably because she can't take his toys yet) and talks to her in a high pitched baby voice that cracks us up. 

Night time has been challenging. For instance, he was up 4 times last night (twice to use the bathroom, once because he heard a noise, once because he said his throat hurt) so I think a sleep chart is in our very near future. 

Elden's favorite toys at the moment are Transformers minicons, plastic animals, and Playmobil. He also loves playing outside, bugs, and drawing. He would go through a ream of paper in three days if we allowed it. He usually does quiet time in lieu of naps, but he will occasionally fall asleep on his floor in the process. Elden is getting a bit better about trying new foods, but his favorites are still hot dogs and salami sandwiches. He is still tall for his age and wears mostly size 5 clothes with the occasional size 6 item mixed in. Elden's favorite TV shows are Power Rangers, Cyberchase and as of this week, Daniel Tiger.

Elden still loves to cuddle and isn't afraid to tell me if he needs mommy time. He also adores his aunts, uncle and grandparents. Elden has a really big heart and is very sensitive to the emotions of those around him so that's an area I've had to work on myself so that I don't worry him unnecessarily. Overall, we are so proud of the person he is becoming and look forward to the future as he continues to grow more independent. 

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