Tuesday, February 21, 2017

etta (14 weeks old)

Lord, give us the strength to endure. At 14 weeks old, Etta has decided that sleep is for schmucks. The past 2 nights she has woken up every 30-45 minutes all. night. long. So that means she naps great during the day, right? WRONG. No sleep was had by all. All the tired. Etta had her first cold this week but that doesn't seem to be phasing her. She also has spent much time outside due to the unseasonable warmth and loves being outdoors as much as Elden and Edith. She is working on rolling from back to belly. She does not like to be ignored and will command your attention. She is also way chattier now than even a week ago. We love her, but we are oh so tired and would love for her to appreciate the value of slumber.

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