Friday, February 3, 2017

five on friday

{1} I bought my first pair of TOMS. I've wanted a pair for over a year since my knockoff version fell apart. Since I'm trying to take ethical consumerism pretty seriously, I didn't want to buy another $5 knockoff pair made in who knows what conditions. I'm excited for these to come in the mail.

{2} Ever since we got our Nest, I have been looking into other smart home gadgets. They make a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that looks pretty awesome. They are certainly more expensive than a traditional smoke/carbon monoxide detector, but they have a lot of pretty cool features that have piqued my interest.

{3} These three. Etta has still been having pretty rough nights, but the last 2 (3? I've lost track) she has slept in her crib, so I am thankful for that. Edith has been struggling a lot lately and when I asked her if she was happy or sad Etta is with us she said sad because I don't get to play with her anymore. Talk about heartbreaking. I've really been trying to make more of an effort to spend quality time with the bigs ever since. We've been playing a lot in the bounce house when I get home from work so I hope that's helping.

{4} House fan. It's looking like our tax refund may be bigger than we anticipated this year so we have been discussing (daydreaming?) about whether we want to save any excess after we pay our van off or if we want to invest it back into the house. I've wanted a whole house fan since we became homeowners in 2012 so we are tossing around the idea of finally biting the bullet on it. It would probably actually pay for itself pretty quickly in the sense that we would need to use our central air far less in the warmer months, so we'll see.

Feb 2009, the same weekend we got engaged
{5} Date night. We go out tomorrow for Thai for dinner and I am SO EXCITED. In addition to February being home to Valentine's Day, it is also the month we became "official" (way back in 2007) and the month Jon proposed (2009). On the same topic of dates, we are going to a concert in March and just found out another one of our throwback former bands is playing the same show. I read the announcement in the mall parking lot as we pulled in to get ice cream and did an actual happy dance.

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  1. Yay for a larger tax refund!! Our carbon monoxide alarm went off in the middle of the night recently. After some panicked googling outside on the back porch, we determined the warning sound was the sound for a malfunctioning alarm and not carbon monoxide. Amazon Prime Now to the rescue we had a new one immediately. Hope you're having a great weekend!