Friday, February 17, 2017

five on friday

{1} Love notes. Before I left for work yesterday Elden specifically drew me these two pictures and instructed me to "fold this up and put it in your pocket so you aren't blue without me." In our house, four is often defiant, loud, and stubborn. Sometimes, though, four is also so sweet and tender. It is redemptive, to say the least.

{2} It has been a very long week filled with very little sleep. After a particularly rough night I found a rogue hard cider in the fridge from Thanksgiving and decided to #treatyoself. 

{3} Skillet Mexican zucchini (recipe). I made this for the first time this week and OHMYGOSH. I subbed a can of rinsed black beans for the tomatoes because we were using it as more of a main dish and I was worried it wouldn't be sufficient as is. I also used lemon juice instead of lime but this was so freaking good. We served this over white rice that was seasoned with sofrito that Jon's mom had made. 10/10, would recommend. I can't wait to make this again this summer when we have an abundance of zucchini from our garden!

{4} My tennis shoes are falling apart. I've wanted Chucks for a very long time so when we went to the mall on Valentine's Day I decided to try some on to determine what size I was. I found this pair on sale bought them. 

{5} Edith's first (real) haircut! We are taking her to the salon for her first professional haircut tomorrow and I am thinking of asking them to do something like this. I am trying to grow her hair out so we can pull it up more easily, but she also has bangs (that were a total hack job by yours truly) so I think this could work!

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