Monday, February 20, 2017


Minus an overall lack of sleep and some mild colds on all of our parts, this was an amazing weekend because the highs were in the 60s! Friday afternoon we had pizza from Domino's for dinner then decided to go for a walk.
On Saturday morning, Edith had her first professional haircut. We are getting family photos on Saturday and her bangs were a total hack job thanks to moi so it had to be done.
The stylist recommended I attempt to curl her hair with a flat iron the same way I do mine. That didn't work out so well with her fine hair, but she loved it.
Elden also wanted his picture taken:
After I took Edith to dance and both kids ate lunch it was nap/quiet time for them and I met up with a friend, Sarah, at Starbucks for coffee. We drank our coffee outside and chatted about topics ranging from politics to gardening and it was really fun.

Once the kids woke up we went to Jon's parent's house so Jon and his dad could go for their first outdoor cycling ride of the season. While they were gone I explored their backyard with the big kids.
We did all of their baths there and Etta had her first ever sink bath. She LOVED it.
On Sunday we decided to forego church because we all had runny noses and Jon, Etta and I had a horrible night's sleep. We decided to make a fire in the fire pit to burn some of the hundreds of sticks that had fallen over the winter. The big kids were outside for 3.5+ hours--they even had lunch outside.
Once they came in Jon's parents stopped by for a bit and took Elden and Edith for a walk, then they continued to play outside. We skipped naps and after dinner my parents stopped by for a few hours. They went outside a third time! Suffice to say, both big kids slept through the night and Edith was out cold within a few minutes of lying down. I ran out to the store to get a milkshake. Our garage door always wakes Etta up so I had to switch it to manual to sneak out of the house. Parenthood: just like being a teenager except you sneak out to avoid waking your baby, not your parents, and you're leaving at 8:15 pm for a milkshake instead of 1 am for booze.
Oh, it was perfection. It is supposed to be in the 50s/60s until Saturday and we plan on taking advantage of it as much as possible.

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