Saturday, March 4, 2017

etta (15 and 16 weeks old)

photo credit: danielle zummo photography

Since we had professional photos on Etta's 15th week birthday (and since Etta also chose week 15 to take her boycott of sleep to a whole other level) I was unable to gather a snapshot. I can't tell you much about her 15th week because I transcended to a new level of exhausted so I don't remember anything. As for week 16, Etta is still not a huge sleep fan. She's taking about 5 ounces at a time in her bottles now. Etta played peek-a-boo with me this morning and I think there's a 51% chance it was intentional. She is relatively content when she is awake (so almost always) as long as you aren't ignoring her. We are working on her rolling back to belly because we hope that trick will be the thing we need to make sleep happen.

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