Tuesday, March 28, 2017

etta (19 weeks old)

Etta is 19 weeks old, weighs 14 lb. 3 oz (55th percentile) and is 25.79" long (89th percentile). She wears 6-9 month clothing. It seemed as though this week Etta realized sleep was not of the devil and that she would embrace it, though the last two nights might tell you otherwise. She is getting a little better about letting some of our family members hold her but will often cry if Jon or I are not present. Besides this little hiccup she is actually a very happy and smiley girl. Etta has started to giggle and it is everything. You can tell she wants to be mobile - she will kick her legs like crazy when she is on her stomach - but thankfully she has not yet mastered this skill. Etta drools like crazy but has no teeth to show for it yet. She still has clogged tear ducts but is otherwise in perfect health!

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