Friday, March 31, 2017

five on friday (and a winner!)

{1} The winner of the Baker Creek heirloom seed giveaway is Gabriel G! Gabriel, I sent you an email for your address so I can get that shipped out to you. :) Thank you to everyone who entered!

{2} Tuesday Outtakes link up! Don't forget to come back here on Tuesday to share some outtakes from your life.

golden grain stuffed peppers
{3} Hello Fresh. We finally hopped on the Hello Fresh bandwagon and I gotta be honest: while the meals were something we had never tried before and I LOVED not having to meal plan... I wouldn't order it again. For the price I just didn't see the value. Plus, they post all their recipes on their website so if we ever saw something we wanted to try we'd just get the ingredients ourselves for a fraction of the price.

{4} These balls of energy. It was really nice not needing to commute the 40 minutes each way yesterday because it meant more time with them! 

{5} We found out yesterday our insurance is covering the wind damage to our siding! I am so happy - not only was our insurance provider cheaper than its competitors when we first bought our policy three years ago, but the entire claims process was SO simple. Two of the four sides of our house had damage and our adjuster said that a lot of insurance providers won't cover any side that isn't damaged...which means we would have either had horribly mismatched siding (they don't make our aluminum siding anymore) or we would have had to pay half out of pocket (probably around $7k). They said they would pay to have the entire house fixed! We chose the color antique parchment. Jon and I also made the decision to buy new light fixtures out of pocket for the front of the house because ours are really small and outdated, and we chose these.

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  1. That's great insurance covers siding! We had really bad storms here last week and I was worried something would happen to our house and that insurance wouldn't cover it. I love the siding that you chose! Stopping over from the linkup - hope you can pop by my blog too!

  2. Thank goodness for insurance! I actually posted this exact same thing about Hello Fresh on my last post! I loved the meals we got but just couldn't keep it up financially. Last week we meal planned straight from their site and I got the ingredients I needed at the store and saved so much money!