Friday, March 10, 2017

five on friday

{1} Date night! Last Friday, Jon and I snuck away to the Grog Shop to see We The Kings. The show started at 8:30 and there were 3 bands who were going on before WTK so we made the decision to go late so we could put the kids to bed for my mom. We got to Coventry around 9 and stopped by Tommy's Restaurant for a little appetizer before the show. We split french fries, pita and hummus, falafel, and a big ole chocolate malt. It was bliss. We meandered a block away to the show around 9:45. Jon remarked how out of place he suddenly felt at shows. Hate to say it, but I felt the same way. I was totally an emo kid in high school and college and going to shows was my jam, but alas - three kids later I felt weird being there. WTK went on around 10 pm and no less than 3 songs later I looked at Jon and asked him if he would be upset if we just left then because I was exhausted (Etta had been up about 9 times the night prior). "Honestly, I was ready to leave before they even went on..." Thus is the saga of when Jon and I realized we were old. But there's no one else I'd rather be old and crotchety with.

{2} Last night we realized Elden has a way with babies. He seems to just know how to make them smile. He also loves them. Whenever he sees us taking a photo of Etta he jumps in. I feel like they're plotting something in this one.

pictured with Mommy Mingo and Baby Mingo
{3} When did Edith become such a little lady!? The other day, Edith wanted bacon for breakfast. Elden said he did not want any and Jon warned him that once it was cooked if he changed his mind he would not make more. Elden insisted no bacon. Naturally, once Edith's was done he changed his tune. Jon told Edith she could share 1 of her 2 pieces with Elden if she wanted but she didn't have to. She said, "no sharing" which prompted Elden to cry. Jon said she looked at her (beloved - trust me, this girl loves bacon) bacon, then looked at Elden and declared, "I mean I do want to share." Every time I think about this story I just want to smoosh her so hard.

{4} This is what Ohio is supposed to look like in early March. January and February mostly lingered in the 50s for the highs here. I'm not complaining in the least; in fact, I was annoyed when I woke up to this today.

{5} This travel mug. For the past 3 years I had been using a chintzy old travel mug I got for free at my last job. It usually did the trick but after an unfortunate incident where it dripped coffee all over me I decided to invest in a legit mug. This one keeps my coffee hot for my entire 40 minute drive into work and has yet to leak all over me, so I'll chalk it up to a win!

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