Friday, March 17, 2017

five on friday

{1} Minicons. Elden is beyond obsessed with these little Transformers and I'm pretty sure they're being phased out so Jon and I have stocked up. He earns them through his sleep chart, money he has saved, and we are planning on surprising him with some for the Atlanta trip to help keep him busy on the flights.

{2} It amazes me how much Elden has grown since he started preschool. He went from very rudimentary stick figures to people with little toes! Art is hands down his favorite and I love seeing his imagination at work. I also love how happy all his people look with those giant smiles.

{3} Winter finally arrived in Ohio and while I am less than enthused these two were thrilled to have some snow fun.

{4} One pot vegetarian pasta primavera. We used this recipe and it was SO GOOD. The fact that I only had to dirty a single pot for it? Priceless.

{5} Jon hung up Etta's portrait and we officially have all three of our babies above our mantle. I'm not going to lie, having such a prominent fireplace and mantle is probably my favorite part of our house.

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  1. Be blessed.

  2. Mmm that pasta looks delicious. And any meal that only uses one pot is a keeper in my book!