Wednesday, March 22, 2017

happy hump day

Spring has arrived in Ohio with a balmy high of 30 degrees today! We are excited to start our garden this year; we have plans for new raised beds laid out and already have seedlings growing. Jon and I were discussing which rare tomato seeds we should order...I love my nerdy husband.
On a related note, make sure to check back this Friday for a fun rare seed giveaway valued at $48!

In my Timehop yesterday there were pictures of both older kids around Etta's age. I had to do a side by side...we see a mix of both kids in Etta:

I won this table on a local estate sale auction website for $24. It is solid oak. Our kitchen table is from Big Lots pre-marriage and is in a bad way so we had been talking about upgrading for a while. I have big plans to replace the legs on this table with something like these, refinish the top with a gray stain, and perhaps paint the legs something fun like this (if I can just convince Jon first). 

One of Elden's current obsessions is sea animals, as sparked by this toob. He carts them all over the house so Jon got him some ocean books from the library. Perhaps he's following in his marine biology-loving mom's foot steps...

I made these sandwiches for dinner and I gotta say - they were so easy and delicious. I added a little bacon to mine and Jon said he would definitely eat them again!

Finally, to conclude hump day, I saw this on Facebook and immediately yelled out "YAS":

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