Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I stumbled upon this photo of Edith doing the YMCA (at the guidance of Jon) in her dance clothes. Her 'C' face is my favorite. I may have posted it once before but she's cute so it bears repeating.
Elden had a snow day today. I didn't wake them to say bye before work so I asked Jon to inundate me with photos. He did not disappoint.

We are still kind of (but not really) looking for a new house? We were going to see an old century home a week ago but that fell through when the realtor's daughter got sick. We did some digging and noticed something weird with the property tax so we decided not to reschedule. Then we were going to see a for sale by owner estate but the seller never emailed me a date. We are supposed to look at a small house with a contractor today to get an estimate on an addition but it's snowing like crazy so I'm not sure what the likelihood of that is. If today falls through I am taking it as a sign from the universe and not looking at houses for a while...

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