Tuesday, March 7, 2017


When I was a kid my favorite local ice cream haunt was Malley's. The one in North Olmsted, OH, has this really cool carousel with tables on it that actually works (albeit very slowly for obvious safety reasons). They also have homemade hot fudge that is unrivaled and Superman ice cream (for non-Midwesterners, it's three flavors of ice cream, usually blue moon, cherry and lemon--so it's blue, pink and yellow). The combination of Superman and hot fudge is one that I still campaign for as an adult.

We decided to take the kids there for the first time yesterday.
Elden and Edith each got Superman ice cream, though I'm pretty sure Edith's favorite part of the experience was the complementary pretzels you're provided with when you first arrive. A kid sized scoop/cone is only $1 and the small hot fudge sundae I got was less than $3. The carousel was off when we got there but when we requested it be turned on the staff quickly obliged. If you are local (or ever visiting the area) I highly recommend you come to this location! It's unique, affordable and delicious. Malley's doesn't even know I'm writing this post, I just love it that much. Also, if you are not local, you can buy Malley's online, including the hot fudge.

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