Thursday, March 30, 2017

thursday happenings (and a new link up!)

I am working from home today because the field assessor from our insurance company is coming to evaluate our siding damage. That means coffee at the dining room table!

One thing I've tried to maintain since I started this blog over 6 years (!!) ago is transparency that my life is far from perfect. There have been many times that I've wondered if I was the only person struggling with different issues (body image, marriage, and parenting to name a few) because everyone's lives are typically portrayed so perfectly on social media. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't be that person. That's why I've tried to be pretty open about struggles Jon and I have had, the way I feel about myself, and how hard parenting can be. Mackensey and I got to chatting about this and we decided that on the first Tuesday of every month, we would host a link up to encourage our blogging community to share the outtakes of their lives. It could be pictures that you took that didn't make the cut for one reason or another, a story about something that didn't go according to plan--whatever you want! I firmly believe that being open with our struggles can not only be a great encouragement to others, but also to ourselves because others can encourage us and offer tips that might help.

For example, I might share this photo:
...and mention the fact that the past few days Edith and Elden have been going at it like little MMA fighters and it has left our patience nonexistent, resulting in more yelling than I'd care to admit.

So come on back on Tuesday, April 4th and share some of your outtakes!


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