Monday, March 20, 2017

weekend recap

On Friday we went to Jon's parent's house when I got home from work for cabbage and noodles and reubens in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

Saturday morning I took this sweet girl to dance class:
 After dance we spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning and cooking because first thing Sunday...
 ...we dedicated Etta at church. As a side note, earlier this week Elden had been asking what it meant to dedicate her. I explained that it just meant we would raise Etta in a way that she would hopefully come to know Jesus. All week he had been saying he couldn't wait to see us raise Etta. I was confused and explained that we had already been raising her (and him!). At one point he asked me if we were going to raise her "like this" (insert how Rafiki holds baby Simba in Lion King here) and I laughed and said no. But he kept up the excitement about raising her. Then in the car on the way to church he said, "mommy, what does it mean to raise from the dead [like Jesus]?" aaaaand I realized that he had totally the wrong idea about what he was going to witness. #momfail

After the service, we came home and had a little lunch with our families. The kids were partied out after all the excitement for the day. When we went to get Elden from quiet time I found him buried beneath his blanket on his floor:

As part of my push to simplify our lives this year I have been doing a lot of purging. We have huge piles ready to go for our community's annual garage sale in May and I have been going through drawers and throwing out a LOT of stuff (old nailpolish, papers, etc.). I focused on our room yesterday afternoon and felt like I could breathe in there for the first time in forever:
If I'm being honest, this whole project has been somewhat overwhelming. The house has many rooms, closets and drawers and there have been times where I genuinely thought it was futile but I've just been trying to focus on a project at a time. It was a really good weekend and we were so blessed to have our families celebrate Etta with us.

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  1. Purging and cleaning everything out is so well worth it, but like you said, it's a lot!!! Dedications are so special - what a great weekend!

  2. What a wonderful weekend!! I agree about the purge, it is that Spring Cleaning time of year! Stopping by from the linkup :)