Monday, March 13, 2017


-After work, Elden cashed in on a Sleep Chart reward of a movie night.

-After the kids were in bed, I treated my self to some homemade potato skins... except Jon bought thee world's teeniest potatoes ever so it was a bit absurd.

-Edith had dance class. It was bring a friend day so Elden came with. Both children decided they didn't feel much like dancing partway through class.

-We met up with friends at a local restaurant for dinner. Between our two families there were 5 kids and each child behaved beautifully while we got some rare adult time in. It was wonderful!

-Etta was being cute.

-Daylight savings is the devil.
-We went to church and Etta proceeded to spit up all over all the things. But we got to see some friends we haven't seen in weeks, so that was nice!

-We went to my parent's house to celebrate my sister's birthday. My grandma gave the kids their Easter baskets since we wouldn't be able to see her on Easter. Edith was quite pleased with gift.

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