Thursday, April 13, 2017

blue apron vs. hello fresh vs. green chef

I previously discussed our experience with Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. The gist is that we preferred Blue Apron over Hello Fresh, but we didn't perceive a value in either service and would probably never pay full price for the meals. This decision was further cemented when we read the nutrition info on our favorite dishes from both Blue Apron (27g of fat with a staggering 15g of saturated fat in ONE serving!) and Hello Fresh (24g of fat with 10g of saturated fat).

My biggest gripe with both of these providers was that every meal we had was a one pot/pan dish. I missed the variety of different flavors on the same plate, and while the recipes were good, they were not something I would be willing to pay $10 per person for. A friend recommended Green Chef to us and I was instantly excited because it included an entree and one to two sides per meal.
green pea falafel with red beet hummus = mind blown
We got our first box over the weekend and I am hooked. Nutritionally-speaking, the dish we loved the most was actually higher in fat (but lower in saturated fat) than the other two. That being said, the fat seems to come primarily from the salad dressing and the oil the falafel was fried in (as opposed to all the cheese in the non-Green Chef meals we got) so if you exercise minimalism I don't think you'd be consuming that amount. Also, both Jon and I felt there were infinitely more vegetables in our dishes with Green Chef than the other two, which seemed to be made up of dairy or grain fillers. Most importantly, the food was something I would happily order in a restaurant--something that we didn't feel about Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. Finally, one thing my friend, Angela, pointed out was the packaging waste associated with these sort of subscriptions. Green Chef goes out of their way to use eco-friendly packaging in their boxes and practices sustainable food sourcing--something that is of growing importance to our family.

Green Chef is the most expensive of the three options--it is $10.49 per person per meal for the vegetarian dinners compared to $9.99 from the other two--but for $0.50 more, the quality and quantity of the food we received had a perceived value. We will not be able to order this weekly as it is simply not financially feasible, but I definitely see us keeping an eye on the menu and splurging once a month. If you are vegan, gluten-free, or paleo, they also have boxes tailored towards your needs, something Blue Apron and Hello Fresh do not offer.

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