Wednesday, April 5, 2017

blue apron vs. hello fresh

I've already mentioned that we tried Hello Fresh and just didn't see the value for the cost. This week we decided to give Blue Apron a shot. For reference, we signed up for vegetarian meals from both providers since Jon doesn't eat meat. Here are our takeaways:
red lentil dal from Hello Fresh
-Both providers cost just under $60 per box.
-Hello Fresh divides their meals up into little boxes while Blue Apron places all ingredients in the large box.
-Dairy is a HUGE component of these vegetarian meals. That's fine since Jon isn't vegan, but he was kind of turned off by all the cheese-based dishes and both of our stomachs less than enthused by the third meal.
-It seemed as though Blue Apron provided way more food for the price, but maybe that was just the perception since the food wasn't separated into three smaller boxes? I'm not sure.
-In terms of the actual meals, the Hello Fresh ones were okay but neither of us were sure we'd make those recipes again. We definitely think the first Blue Apron meal we made blew all three Hello Fresh meals we tried out of the water.
-To me, the Blue Apron recipes were slightly more complicated than the Hello Fresh meals. That being said, the payoff was better so I think it was worthwhile.
-Both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are basically one-pot stops. Sure, you get all the major food groups in the dish, but I kind of missed having side dishes/diversity on my plate.
-We think we would be more inclined to keep Blue Apron and splurge every few months on a box, although we still don't see the value for the cost.
-Tldr; if given the choice, we would choose Blue Apron over Hello Fresh, but we still wouldn't subscribe weekly (or even monthly).

Stay tuned because next week we are giving Green Chef a try and I will compare that experience as well. I'm pretty excited about Green Chef because not only do they offer the standard vegetarian/omnivore/carnivore options, but they also have vegan, gluten-free, and paleo choices and are focused on healthy and sustainable choices. Furthermore, the meals we are getting include side dishes (something I mentioned that was important to me above) and way less dairy than the other two providers so I am really excited to try it. That said, Green Chef is slightly more expensive than Hello Fresh and Blue Apron for the vegetarian plan, so we'll see if it's worth it...


  1. I was interested to try those food services, but something got to me was the waste of packaging. I've read and seen enough to know that's not sustainable. Something to keep in mind! I know you said Jon is trying to be sustainable with clothing and such so those services really aren't helping the cause; however food waste probably isn't as bad using those services (in comparison to people buying all those ingredients in large qty at the store on their own). Interesting to see if the food waste balances the packaging waste....

  2. I've been wanting to try one of these services for a while but wasn't sure which one to do. Neither my husband or I are vegetarians, but our favorite food group is dairy/cheese, so that might actually be a turn-on for us haha. I would definitely be interested in giving it a go for a week or so!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    1. I think if you do the promo credits it's definitely worth a try to see if it's worth it! Personally, I would never have paid full price for one of these services, but our total monthly grocery budget is $350 so I'm super cheap ;)

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