Monday, April 17, 2017

easter weekend and running on empty

The weather in Ohio was absolutely gorgeous for Easter weekend so we were able to spend the majority of it outside. The freedom to leave the confines of our home was more important than I can even explain. The past two weeks have been rough. Etta was not sleeping. As in, one (or two, if we were lucky) 45-minute naps per day, and wake ups about every hour at night. We tried everything we could possibly think of and on both Wednesday and Thursday nights I had pretty massive emotional breakdowns. We were exhausted, being particularly short with Elden and Edith due to said exhaustion, and I was seriously ready to run away from my life and hibernate for a few years. We even took Etta to the pediatrician on Friday morning because surely she had an ear infection or some other obvious and treatable reason for her lack of sleep. I bet you see where this is going. Etta is healthy! Which, of course, is absolutely wonderful, but I can honestly say I had never hoped my kid had an ear infection more than I did that morning.

Thankfully, Etta had a relatively respectable night on Saturday night (hooray for only waking up every 2.5-3 hours!) so I felt a small sense of rejuvenation, but that proved to be short-lived in the sense that I think my body finally realized what it had been missing for the past two weeks and now it is trying to binge sleep. This season is truly not my favorite of parenthood; between the lack of sleep, the insane amount of laundry (which - our dryer decided to go on the fritz two loads in yesterday, too!), the toys everywhere (especially under my feet), and the terrible twos/fournager, I end my days feeling mostly defeated. I want to be everything to every person in my family and with expectations like that I'm setting myself up for failure. I've really had to work to try to change my perfectionist tendencies to avoid a full-blown meltdown. I'm not really sure why I felt the urge to spill my heart on a post that's focused on one of the more cheerful events (Easter! New life! Hope!) in human history, but in the interest of full disclosure that's kind of where I am at. I know this is a season and won't last, but with the way my days have been bleeding into one another it certainly feels like I am in the throes of forever.


My mom took Elden and Edith for the day on Friday so Jon could have a bit of a break. My company let us leave early in anticipation of the holiday weekend so I got out an hour sooner than normal. Jon and I met at my parent's house and had dinner there which was lovely.
Saturday we celebrated Easter with Jon's family. There was such wonderful food and company. In their baskets from Jon's parents, the kids got balloons/a pump like this which can blow up balloons with air OR water and I'm pretty sure it is the greatest invention ever. Seriously, these were a hit and Elden spent part of yesterday filling balloons himself with water. 10/10, totally recommend it as a gift.
both the girls' dresses and Etta's bonnet were mine when I was little

On Sunday our church had breakfast which meant eating with friends - always a blast. In the afternoon we went to my sister's house to celebrate with my family and had more delicious food and fellowship. The kids were once again spoiled and I can definitely say Easter ranks right up there with Christmas in their world.
Sleep issues aside, this weekend was definitely one of my favorite in recent memory. It fills me with boatloads of hope for a summer that will be spent outside and hopefully a whole lot more sleep.


  1. Sorry that you are feeling so stressed at the was nice of your mom to watch the kids for a day. I hope you can do a lot of outdoor stuff this summer, and get some rest!

  2. I'm sorry about the sleep issues! It's so incredibly tough when you're going through it!! I used to give a pumped bottle at bed time so I knew how much my boys were taking in and we've always tried to keep a bedtime routine and have white noise playing (things you're probably already doing). Hang in there... this too shall pass.