Monday, April 10, 2017

etta (20 and 21 weeks old)

hashtag third child problems... totally didn't take Etta's official weekly picture at 20 weeks. Oops!
So at 21 weeks old, we had one of those 'impulse buy a $200 crib mattress in the middle of the night because two reviewers said once they did so their 4- or 4.5-month olds slept through the night for the first time ever' kind of nights. For those who are curious, we chose this one because of the reviews, the fact that it is free of many potential toxins such as PVC and polyethylene, has medical-grade foam that includes a natural internal fire barrier, and is firm. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow so we will let you know if it helps! Other than poor sleep, Etta is a generally happy baby. If you look at her she will smile at you. Our new thing is letting her lie on the bath mat in the tub instead of having her in her seat and she truly lives for this moment. Etta loves being outside and watching Elden and Edith. She is also somewhat indifferent to her pacifier and has been finding her thumb more frequently. We all love this little girl something fierce.

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