Friday, April 14, 2017

five on friday

me too, elden. meeee too.
{1} So our sleep just keeps deteriorating. We're to the point where I'm wondering whether we should make a peds appointment to make sure Etta isn't sick or something, but she has no symptoms of being sick, is generally happy during the day, etc. She just doesn't sleep. Unless it's 6 am and she's been up most of the night and we all have to get ready for the day. Then Etta takes a power nap. A friend recommended this book and I should be receiving and promptly desperate-binge-reading it today. 

{2} Green Chef. We finished our last of three meals on Wednesday and we still think it was the best value. Check out my comparison between Green Chef, Blue Apron and Hello* Fresh here.

{3} Diono Radian RXT. I've talked about our love affair with these car seats before, but I want to take you by the face to tell you that I am all-in. Our van was in the shop this week so we were left wondering how to work out Elden's preschool drop off/pick up. I have a Hyundai Sonata so we decided to see if we could truly fit three across while I used the shop's courtesy car to get to work. Car seats that are really safe, FAA approved, AND compact enough to fit in a sedan? Cannot recommend these more.

{4} We took inventory of our seeds this week and organized them by planting season. I'm most excited for edamame, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and the different carrot varieties we have. We also have some plants coming from Stark Brothers (these, these and these) and I reallllly hope our garden doesn't disappoint this year.

{5} One day Edith and I were both wearing dresses and she was so excited that we matched. Elden was upset he and I didn't have anything that matched. I explored Mommy and Me clothing but it was mostly for moms and girls / really expensive. I found shirts for all of us on sale (I got baseball tees from H&M for Etta and me and from Gap for Elden and Edith), bought the images from Etsy, and my mom used her Cricut to put the images on the shirts! The kids were so excited to match and I love how they turned out. Thanks, mom!

*in my sleep deprived state I originally mistyped this as "Hell Fresh" and I think that could be a unique new subscription service of sorts.

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