Monday, April 24, 2017

picture window replacement

The front of our house had a large picture bay window when we moved in. We loved the light it let in, but unfortunately each pane was just comprised of two sheets of glass. This meant we couldn't open any of them on cooler summer nights to let a breeze in (and was a huge contributing factor in adding our storm door late last year). Also, the far left pane had moisture enter it so it was perpetually foggy. We knew we eventually wanted to replace the bay window with one that was flush with the wall because we also dream of eventually expanding our front porch across the entire front of the house. When we found out we would be getting all of the siding replaced, we decided now was the best time to replace our window. Over the weekend our contractor came out to do it and I am so happy!

*valence came with the house and we just hadn't ever gotten around to removing it
forgive the low res image I stole off the internet


We are removing all the shutters on the house and our contractor is framing the windows out with a thick moulding. He is scheduled to start the re-siding process tomorrow and I am SO excited! We also have big plans to finally update the family room so once that's complete I'll make sure to share much better before/after images. We're trying to find a good balance on the family room makeover because there are some things we'd really like to do (such as replacing the carpet with hard floors) but that would likely open a can of worms with the way the kitchen, foyer, dining room and family room are all connected. We will likely just put a new coat of paint up and add new curtains for the time being due to budgetary constraints. 

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