Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ten on ten

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

{1} If Elden wakes up while I'm nursing Etta in the morning, he always crawls into bed with us and cuddles up next to her. Swoon.

{2} Usually while I'm nursing Etta, I also check the weather forecast. I was more than a little excited when I saw the highs for this week!

{3} My work is a campus and I had hazardous goods training in one of the other buildings in the morning. Given how gorgeous it was outside I didn't mind the couple-minute walk in the least.

{4} Last week Jon brought home some chocolate covered cashews he found at Walgreens on clearance. They were the best chocolate covered cashews I had ever had, and naturally I couldn't find them anywhere...until now...

{5} I have a few big projects going on at work for systems I'm really unfamiliar with. This means I've been spending a whole lot of time on McMaster's website. I'm actually pretty proud of myself--most of what I do you can't really be trained on (there are too many systems, parts, etc. so every single job is different) and I have been holding my own. I've definitely messed up a few times, but I finally feel like I know what questions to ask and I am able to anticipate potential problems that could arise so I have a contingency plan in place.

{6} I feel like so much of my day is spent with a pump or a baby on my person. While shopping with my friend this weekend, we discussed how feeling perma-tethered to another human is something that will absolutely not be missed once this season is behind us. 

{7} There is some sort of an HVAC issue with our building and my office is either 30 degrees or 300 degrees. On this day it was the latter. I'm fortunate that I work in a very casual environment where we all give each other a hard time. By 1 pm I was threatening to take my pants off because it was so freaking hot so one of my peers hunted down a fan for me to borrow. 'Twas for the best.

{8} We used our grill for the first time this season for dinner! Elden had a burger, Edith had a hot dog, I had a chicken breast, and Jon had a faux chicken patty. We also made asparagus and golden beets. It was AMAZING.

{9} We spent about 2.5 hours outside after I got home from work. The kids dug, I weeded, mowed and dug out a plant by our lamp post, and Jon took Etta for a walk. So grateful for this weather!

{10} One of the best surprises of the day was freshly baked molasses rolls that Jon had whipped up while I was at work. I got to enjoy one while we watched Friends on Netflix. The perfect way to end a perfect evening.


  1. Hopefully the HVAC is repaired soon! I like how you were able to make everyone's dinner on the grill at the same time.

    1. Turns out someone by the master controls decided to turn off the AC because they were cold in their area! So the good news is it's fixed, but the bad news is that's apparently the third time that's happened in as many weeks, haha.