Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today is day 8ish? (honestly, I've lost track) of horrible sleep in our house. Etta's fancy pants mattress came in the mail yesterday and we had high expectations for a miraculous sleep but alas--with great expectation comes great disappointment.

Our next avenue to explore is whether she's just hungry. Jon texted me yesterday to let me know our freezer stash is dwindling. I hadn't realized he needed to supplement what I had been bringing home from work so this came as a surprise. However, between my exhaustion and stress levels I'm not that surprised that I'm not keeping up, so I think we are going to start supplementing with formula. I still plan to pump at work, but I refuse to kill myself over it like I did with Edith, especially with my postpartum depression still lingering. I hope that giving Etta some formula will dramatically improve sleep in our house (in addition to abysmal nights, yesterday was 0 for 3 on naps... unfathomable to us since she's growing like a weed) but I'm also going to be wracked with guilt if the reason she hasn't slept the past five months is because she's just hungry. 

The good news is today my mom is coming by for a significant portion of the day to have some individual time with Elden and Edith and they are both so excited to see her. It made the sadness associated with me leaving for work minimal which is always a great thing! 

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