Monday, April 10, 2017


We had a really fun / weird weekend (in terms of weather) this weekend!

-Ran and got some pizza for dinner because we had to go pick up our van that had been in the shop.
-It had snowed like crazy overnight Thursday and Friday morning so we woke up to about 5" of really heavy, wet snow. This called for snowman building after dinner! Thankfully, Jon takes them out in the snow and Etta and I watched from the comfort of our warm house.

-My mom came over and we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at a local church, then she came to Edith's dance class to watch. Elden joined us as well!
-During quiet/nap time, I snuck out and went shopping with my friend, Sarah. Our goal? To buy ourselves clothes as we are both in the first year postpartum phase. We each bought ourselves precisely one item and bought our kids about $60 worth at H&M. Naturally.
H&M steals - skeleton for Elden, penguin dress for Edith

-Went to church, then went to Sam's house for a small group Easter egg hunt.
-Spent a WHOLE lot of time outside because it was 70 degrees.
-Ran to Home Depot to get lawn care supplies (fertilizer, grub killer, and grass seed).
-Read one of my favorite childhood books that my Grandma always read to me to the kids.

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  1. That is some crazy weather...snow and sun all in the same weekend! I love your kids' names...they are so classic, but still a little bit different. Looks like a wonderful weekend!