Tuesday, May 16, 2017

easy and affordable DIY address numbers for steel doors

Our house's address used to be on our garage door. When we replaced the garage door late last year, the only place our address was located on was the mailbox, but just on one side and the color all but camouflaged with the faded post. We knew we needed to do something but I felt weird permanently affixing our address anywhere on our beautiful new exterior. I had purchased wooden numbers and wanted to paint them, but beyond that had no real plans.

Then Jon remembered we just bought a beautiful new steel entry door, which is magnetic. We bought these magnets, I used this spray paint (mostly because I was working on our new table and I wanted to spray paint ALL THE THINGS copper) and with a little hot glue and approximately 5 minutes we were done!
Step 1: paint your numbers (or buy ones like these)
Step 2: glue magnets to numbers
Step 3: hang up the numbers and revel in the awesome
Since this was a last-minute decision, I will likely go back to repaint them black so they contrast better against the door. I love that I didn't need to put holes in my brand new siding and how modern they look. If I ever dislike their presence I can take them down in a jiff with no permanent reminders of their presence. Win/win.

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