Monday, May 8, 2017

etta (25 weeks old)

So I totally missed week 24...sorry Baby Girl! At 25 weeks old we have officially (finally!) turned a corner on sleep and it is largely due to this book. Basically, we implemented a modified cry it out routine with Etta at bedtimes and that has taught her both how to soothe herself and that we will not spend her entire sleeping period holding or rocking her. It's hard to listen to her cry, but when we only do it in 15-minute intervals that makes it manageable. Etta is fully out of any clothing smaller than size 6M and has now eaten banana, sweet potato, cucumber, avocado, bell pepper and carrot. She seemed to enjoy all of it except for avocado. She still spends most of her happiest moments in her jumperoo and is working on her core muscles/sitting up. Now that we are sleeping we love her even more than we could have fathomed. 

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